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We specialize in delivering customized technical training including workshops, seminars, and one day or multi-day training programs. Our training incorporates a blend of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on labs (where applicable) to ensure the training topics are clearly explained and reinforced through demonstrations and labs.

Design, Build, and Deliver Effective Training

Our methodical approach to developing and delivering training is similar to our approach to delivering custom solutions. We build a customized training program around each customer's unique needs, data, and processes. Our approach includes:

  1. Gather Requirements - We first gather information regarding existing processes and data, as well as seek to understand the target audience, training objectives, and knowledge gaps. This allows us to deliver highly customized training based on each customer's unique requirements and maximizes the effectiveness of the training program.
  2. Build Training Program - We then then develop an outline identifying the key training topics. Upon customer approval, we begin building the training material with scheduled periodic review sessions with key stakeholders to ensure the training material meets expectations.
  3. Deliver Training - We then deliver the training onsite at customer locations or at an agreed upon training location.
  4. Assess Results - We obtain surveys from attendees and key stakeholders to ensure we deliver and continually improve.

Our goal is to ensure that every training program, regardless of size and scope, delivers the quality and effectiveness that each customer needs and deserves. Our team of consultants are experienced industry experts and deliver training for:

  • Cloud Computing including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce
  • Document Management including Documentum and SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office Platform including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft OpenXML
  • Technologies and Platforms including JavaScript, HTML5, Java, and .NET
  • XML Authoring including Microsoft Office, Arbortext, and Oxygen
  • XML Publishing and Stylesheet Development including XSLT and XSL:FO with various FO Engines
  • XML Technologies including XQuery, XPath, DTD, XML Schema (XSD)