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Software Testing and Validation

We specialize in software testing including automated functional testing, manual functional testing, as well as performance testing and optimization. In addition, we specialize in software validation for computerized systems in regulated industries, such as life sciences and banking.

Software Testing

Our consultants can help with all aspects of software testing for non-validated computerized systems, including:

  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Manual System Testing
  • Automated System Testing
  • Automated Performance Testing

In addition, our consultants can help with retrospective or new system validation including:

  • Validation Plan
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Installation Qualification Report (IQR)
  • System Testing (Operational Qualification)
  • System Testing Report (Operational Qualification Report)
  • User Acceptance Testing (Performance Qualification)
  • User Acceptance Testing Report (Performance Qualification Report)
  • Test Plans
  • Migration Plan
  • Migration Test Report
  • Risk Assessment
  • Validation Report