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Perform Data Migration

Data Migrations are complex and require expertise to ensure data is migrated accurately, completely, and atomically. Not all vendors have the expertise to ensure data is migrated and verified. As such, most data migrations are underestimated and result in massive headaches and difficulties post-migration with data verification and data cleanup.

Data Migrations

We specialize in data migrations including:

  • Migrating data from on-premise to the cloud
  • XML conversion and migration
  • Database migrations
  • Document Content conversion
  • Document Management Systems (EDMS) document migrations

Our consultants successfully migrated very complex and large migrations using our unique and proprietary approach. Some of our more complicated migrations included thousands of unique migration mapping and conversion rules, staging records for data collection prior to actual data migration, and automated verification of data post migration.

Our approach includes the following key steps, but the devil is in the details:

  1. Performing Source and Target System Analysis to understand both the source and target systems, technical architecture, and data models
  2. Performing Data Analysis to understand the state of the source data, identify data migration rules, and identify data issues
  3. Performing Data Mapping to create automatic mapping rules where possible and define manual mapping rules
  4. Building Migration Tools that are configurable, extensible, and allow for repeatable data migration executions
  5. Testing Migration Tools to ensure data is migrated in a high quality manner with detailed technical and business logs, audit trail (if applicable)
  6. Executing Production Migration Tools to migrate actual production data to the new system
  7. Performing Post-Migration Analysis and Verification to ensure production data was migrated successfully through a comprehensive verification process that often includes automated testing, log file review, as well as manual testing and record sampling