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About Founder

Brian J. Stewart

Brian J . Stewart is a passionate technologist and accomplished consultant, technical writer, technology instructor, subject matter expert in Information Management, XML, Cloud Computing and Web-based technologies. Brian has designed and implemented global systems built on the Java and .NET platforms.

Brian is a published author with numerous articles on Cloud Computing, Web Technologies, and Information Management. His article on Enterprise Application Integration using Amazon AWS was a featured article on IBM DeveloperWorks web site for several weeks. In 2015, Aqua Data Technologies, Inc. launched TechKnowledge Tree where many of Brian's articles are published.

Throughout his career Brian has demonstrated a unique ability to apply technology to solve real world business problems and to improve operational efficiencies. Brian is known in the industry for his broad and deep technical knowledge, creativity, and passion.

Brian founded Aqua Data Technologies, Inc. to focus on Information Management, Web Technologies, XML, and Cloud Computing.