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XML is a powerful markup language that separates data from presentation. It is extensible and both human-readable and machine-readable. It is the backbone of system integrations, web services, and data exchange. We have expertise in:

  • XPath
  • XQuery
  • XML Databases
  • XML Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • XML Schema (XSD)
  • XSLT
  • XSL:FO

XML Authoring

There are manu uses for XML, but one of its leading use cases is for content authoring. XML provides many benefits over traditional binrary files, including it is a non-proprietary, extensible, and open file format.

Our team can help with designing and implementing XML Authoring solutions using the leading XML Editors, such as Arbortext Editor and oXygen Editor. Most XML editors support not only industry standard XML schemas such as DITA and DocBook, but also support custom XML Schemas. We can help with configuring custom document types, as well as extending XML editor functionality to improve user productivity.

We also have expertise with the many complexities and challenges with component-based authoring and XML databases including eXist-db and BaseX.

XML Authoring
XML Structure Design

XML Structure

Central to any effective XML authoring solution is a well defined XML structure.

Our team can help with designing custom XML Schemas (XSD) and Document Type Definition (DTD) to support XML Authoring. We are have extensive experience leveraging industry standard schemas such as DITA, DocBook, and XForms.

XML Stylesheet Development and Publishing

The power of XML is the separation of data from presentation. This separation supports the ability to publish XML to various output formats, such as HTML or PDF (through XSL:FO) and for the output to be tailored to different audiences.

Our consultants are expert stylesheet developers who can help with designing, developing, and supporting XML Publishing.

XML Stylesheet Development