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Microsoft Office Solutions

Microsoft Office

is not only the leading office suite which is constantly expanding with new applications, but it is also being turned into a robust platform for building knowledge worker applications. In support of that strategy, Microsoft is also expanding the platform to include new server products and services. This coupled with the growing momentum with Office 365 makes Microsoft Office a great platform to improve productivity, reduce costs, streamline business processes, and improve business intelligence.

Our consultants are experts in the Microsoft Office platform and help organizations leverage their existing investment in Microsoft Office. The richness of the Office API's, features, and capabilities coupled with our expertise generally enables organizations to realize rapid solution development and quick return on investment.

Microsoft Office and SharePoint Add-ins

Microsoft Office and SharePoint Add-ins enables Microsoft Office and SharePoint to be extended to provide business specfic logic and functionality.

Our consultants can help organizations design and implement Add-ins to improve user productivity and data accuracy, while not impacting the stability and performance of Microsoft Office/Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint/SharePoint Online.

Microsoft Office Add-ins
Microsoft OpenXml Solutions

Microsoft OpenXml

Microsoft shifted from a proprietary binary file to OpenXML (XML based file formats) for all of their Microsoft Office applications. This enables dynamic content creation and manipulation within web services, client-side (Microsoft Office Add-ins), and server-side solutions.

Our consultants can help design and implement solutions to improve content re-use and enable modular content authoring using Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Custom XML Solutions

XML is the industry standard data exchange format. The Microsoft Office applications provide native databinding support for XML, enabling documents to leverage data managed outside of Microsoft Office. This translates into streamlined business processes and improved content accuracy.

Our consultants can help design and implement solutions to integrate enterprise applications with Microsoft Office using native XML binding.

Microsoft Custom XML Solutions
Microsoft Office Document Solutions

Microsoft Office Smart Documents, Templates and Macros

Microsoft provides the ability to reduce content creation tasks through the creation of document templates, macros for simple task automation, and .NET code for complex task automation.

Our consultants can help choose the right option, design the solution, and implement smart templates and automate tasks to improve user productivity and reduce content creation and maintenance costs.